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Sharon E. Cregier, Ph.D. Last updated: January 2009
North American Coordinator, Equine Behaviour
Cheiron's Court
P.O. Box 1100
Montague, Prince Edward Island
Canada C0A 1R0


For further information:

The Animal Transport Association offers numerous presentations. A Breed Apart: Special Considerations for Performance Horses Before, During and After Transit by Dr. Cregier includes Olympic horses and shuttle stallions.

Gretchen Fathauer's Natural Horsetrim site details transport risks and how to avoid them by rear face hauling.

At the O'Brien Animal Transportation & Services (OATS) site, you can see a commercial application of rear face hauling techniques with accompanying photos.

"Tail docking of horses: A bibliography," concerns a cosmetic cruelty that feeds human vanity while harming horses' health and welfare.

Equibalance horse trailers :

Equibalance horse trailers are involved in researching and applying the best equine behavioral principles, material and engineering research practices available to keep your horses safer. Compiling a research and reference site for transporters and engineers is one of its services.

Transcription Services for Authors and Oral Historians:

Dr. Sharon uses Word Wizards services in publishing interviews with horsemen, oral histories, and in preparing conference presentations and proceedings.